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Ipomopsis aggregata (Pursh) V.E. Grant (Scarlet Gilia)

Journal entry: 2014 July 13. Hillside, vicinity South Side Trail, SW of Susanville, Calif. Identification and location by Brian Keelan (touring from the Santa Cruz area).

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Navarretia intertexta (Benth.) Hook. ssp. intertexta (Interwoven Navarretia, Needleleaf Navarretia)

Journal entry: 2012 June 20. Identity confirmed by USFS botanist, Lassen NF. Disused dirt road off Cheney Creek Rd, in a depression that may have been very wet during the winter and spring months.

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Microsteris gracilis (Hook.) Greene (Slender Phlox)

Journal entry: 2011 April 26 Was: Phlox gracilis (Hook.) E.Greene, genus Phlox, family Polemoniaceae (JM93) Now: Microsteris gracilis (Hook.) Greene, genus Microsteris, family Polemoniaceae (TJM2)

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Collomia grandiflora Lindley (Grand Collomia, Mountain Collomia, Large-flowered Collomia)

Journal entry: 2010 June 29

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Phlox speciosa Pursh (Showy Phlox, Western Showy Phlox)

Journal entry: 2010 May 13

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