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Chorispora tennella /i> (Pall.) DC (Purple-Cross Flower, Crossflower)

  Journal entry: 2016 April 23. ┬áVacant lot, vicinity of Eskaton Lassen Manor, Susanville, California. Abundant in the location and nearby.

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Alyssum desertorum Stapf.

Journal entry: 2012 May 12

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Lepidium perfoliatum L. (Klamath Pepper Grass, Shield Cress, Shield Peppergrass, Clasping Pepperweed)

Journal entry: 2011 July 17. Identification was based on a pressed/dried specimen collected in early June in a vacant agricultural field very close to the Rt 36 bridge over the Susan River, just east of the city of Susanville. Basal … Continue reading

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Arabis holboellii Hornem. (Holboell’s Rock Cress)

Journal entry: 2011 June 5

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Draba verna L. (Whitlow Grass, Whitlowgrass, Spring Draba)

Journal entry: 2011 April 16

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