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Lupinus argenteus Pursh (Silvery Lupine)

Journal entry: 2011 June 30

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Eremogone congesta (Nutt.) Ikonn. (Ballhead Sandwort, Capitate Sandwort)

Journal entry: 2011 June 27 Was: family Caryophyllaceae, genus Arenaria (JM93) Now: family Caryophyllaceae, genus Eremogone (TJM2)

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Astragalus inversus M.E. Jones (Susanville Milk Vetch, Susanville Milkvetch)

Journal entry: 2011 June 23

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Wyethia mollis A. Gray (Mule Ears, Woolly Mule’s Ears, Mountain Mule Ears, Woolly Mule Ears)

Journal entries: 2009 May 24; 2011 2011 June 23

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Lotus crassifolius (Benth.) E. Greene (Buck Lotus, Big Deervetch, Broad-leaved Lotus)

Journal entry: 2011 June 19. Leaf stipules scarious, leaflets 9-15, 2-3 cm, lower surface pale. Infl 12-20-fld, peduncle bract well below umbel. Corolla yellow-green becoming red-purple toward tips, claws exserted from calyx tube. Prominent vegetation: Quercus kelloggii, Ceanothus cuneatus, Pinus … Continue reading

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Asclepias cordifolia (Benth.) Jeps. (Purple Milkweed, Heart-leaf Milkweed, Heartleaf Milkweed)

Journal entries: 2009 June 12, 3 km SSW of Susanville; 2011 June 19, 2 km SW of Susanville. Was: family Asclepiadaceae, genus Asclepias (JM93). Now: family Apocynaceae, genus Asclepias (TJM2).

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Ceanothus cuneatus (Hook.) Nutt. (Wedgeleaf Ceanothus, Buck Brush)

Journal entries: 2010 June 9; 2011 June 18

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Allium campanulatum S. Watson (Sierra Onion, Dusky Onion)

Journal entries: 2010 June 9; 2011 June 18. On 2011 June 18: lvs 2 per stem. Ovary crests 6, prominent and triangular. Lvs withered in flower; perianth rigid-keeled with tip-margins rolled inward. Outer coat of bulb: sculptures +- square, walls … Continue reading

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Clarkia lassenensis (Eastw.) Harlan Lewis & M. Lewis (Lassen Clarkia, Lassen Godetia)

Journal entries: 2009 June 12; 2011 June 9 The microscope shot is of petal tissue at 400X.

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Arabis holboellii Hornem. (Holboell’s Rock Cress)

Journal entry: 2011 June 5

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