Robinia pseudoacacia L. (Black Locust)

Journal entry 2011 May 28. At least three trees along paved bike trail alongside the Susan River, urban/suburban Susanville. According to the literature, the flowers are edible when fried, but the ripe seeds (“peas”) are extremely toxic.

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  1. Ed Atkeson says:

    They are considered a nuisance in our pine barren neighborhood by the Hudson in upstate NY. Do they really close their leaves at night?

    • admin says:

      I looked in two Calif floras, and there was no mention of that nighttime behavior. … Apparently there are 8-10 separate species of Robinia (North America and Mexico) so you may or may not have this exact species. Mine is said to have edible flowers but toxic seeds, leaves and bark. People and livestock can die from those parts.

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