Lotus crassifolius (Benth.) E. Greene (Buck Lotus, Big Deervetch, Broad-leaved Lotus)

Journal entry: 2011 June 19. Leaf stipules scarious, leaflets 9-15, 2-3 cm, lower surface pale. Infl 12-20-fld, peduncle bract well below umbel. Corolla yellow-green becoming red-purple toward tips, claws exserted from calyx tube. Prominent vegetation: Quercus kelloggii, Ceanothus cuneatus, Pinus jeffreyi, Vicia americana, Purshia tridentata. 2 km SW of Susanville.
Was: Lotus crassifolius (Benth.) E. Greene, genus Lotus, family Fabaceae (JM93)
Now: Hosackia crassifolia Benth., genus Hosackia, family Fabaceae (TJM2)

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